Scorched Toast update notes

Air Support Update

Version of Scorched Toast is live! Apart from some important bug fixes, some notable new features have been added as well.

Floating Boxes

Floating boxes supported by red balloons will randomly appear and can be broken open for prizes! Pop the 3 balloons to send the box crashing to the ground. In addition to awarding the player with items, the new “Box Breaker” trick shot also provides a nice score boost.

Help Screen

A new help screen has been added to provide a reference on what all the items and possible trick shots are. It can be accessed from either the Main Menu, or the in-game Pause Menu.

Other changes

  • Fixed issue with touch input on select Windows Phone devices.
  • Added loading indicator to splash screen when Cloud syncing is taking longer than expected.
  • Added a help pop-up ‘Drag left or right to aim’
  • Touch controls favor downward ‘toasting’ gestures more. Threshold on horizontal drag to begin aiming increased. This should prevent accidental aim changes.
  • Moved pause button to the bottom of the screen, to be more ergonomically friendly.
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